Food Innovation For the Restaurant Industry

Food innovation & Product development to provide Convenient solutions for the restaurant and catering industry. Flavourful and delicious handmade food products, using unique and locally sourced ingredients.

Together we can create the perfect food product

Working in collaboration with customers to make unique and tasty food products to help speed up the food production process. Convenience and frozen food doesn’t mean compromising on quality, when using premium, authentic ingredients. At Big Nose Foods we pride ourselves on our products being flavourful, high quality and add an element of convenience for our customers.

We cater FOR:

Hospitality & Catering

Making cooking for large amounts of people more convenient, without compromising on quality


A range of handmade food products to be sold in bulk.


Good quality, full of flavour and premium finish

samples & live demonstrations

Contact us for more information or ask for a sample or a live demonstration at your establishment.

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